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Health Pilates Training  musculoskeletal disorders - MSDs
Anti-Stress in motion
Sustainable prevention of MSDs
Aspire to a better quality of life at work
"Physical health accessible on a daily basis " 



We intervene in the company in order to establish a report on the generating causes of the problems related to stress and musculoskeletal disorders.
We offer un 
protocol for sustainable prevention of risk factors for each workstation
work needed. The protocols are designed around:

- biomechanical exercises aimed at relieving the affected parts of the body and strengthening the whole body, which allows 
to obtain a lasting preventive effect. Our sessions are adapted to the real situation of work. In some cases, the development of a practice space is necessary.

- Round tables around themes that can bring out a positive and collaborative spirit in the team.

- Workshops on the emotions the physical body and the spirit.

Exercices T.M.S
Formation T.M.S.png


MSDs are the result of an imbalance between the physical capacities of the body, the stresses and constraints to which it is exposed.
  Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) affect the structures around the joints and most often occur in the back or upper limbs. 
These conditions affect the muscles, tendons, nerves...

Basic exercises for the most affected parts:
Scapular Region and Arms
Mobilization, stretching and strengthening
Flexibility, mobility, articulation
Reinforcement of the pelvis, back and abdominal belt
Flexibility, mobility, articulation
Strengthening the hips, quadriceps, adductors and ankles.
Stretch: posterior chain and psoas.

The exercises and their application will be designed specifically for each trainee according to the first diagnosis and support.

Individual training
available all year on order.

Tarifs: 10 h 720€     /    20h  1400€

Individual training for active employees, liberal professions and people with physical difficulties and/or problems

Learning the first exercises to adapt to obtain an assessment of the problems related to stress and musculoskeletal disorders: Location of the muscle chains affected and the repercussions on the rest of the body.

Work on breathing, alignment, coordination, precision, control and safety of movements.

Alternation between physical work time, reflection, exchanges. Mise  put a protocol for a practice at home.


Practical arrangements:

  • Face-to-face training.

  • Video support available on our website, for support practice at home.


Educational process:

  • Presentations of MSDs and their potential origins.

  • Set up a diagnosis (ROM rank of motion - evolution of mobility and flexibility and pain in the joints and in the back and upper limbs) of MSDs

  • Identify the cause(s) through a questionnaire on daily gestures and posture.

  • Understand the muscle compensations already developed.

  • Learning and practicing Pilates method exercises to relieve pain and maintain flexibility.

  • Provision of videos available online to practice the movements of the pilates method.

  • Moments of questions/answers exchange around MSDs (change of posture or behavior) of the method and the execution of the movements.


✸ Person with a disability, please contact us to consider the feasibility and access times.

The Pilates Place offers training based on the quality of the Romana's Pilates method coupled with a view and sensitivity drawn from experience as professional dancers who have practiced several dance techniques: Martha Graham, Merce Cunningham, Limon, release, dance theatre, Feldenkrais, improvisation, contact dance, etc…

In my opinion, there are two common points between dance and the Pilates method:

- the ability to use the imagination to project oneself into movement, and live the present moment in control AND feeling, 

- the resistance put up during an action, which gives the quality of the fluidity of the rhythm and the dynamics of the movement.

josé maria Alves

Former dancer of Ballet Preljocaj, DV8 Physical Theatre, Grand Theater de Genève, Stadt theater Hagen and Brauschweig.

Founder of the Cie Pos Data, the Pure Pilates center and The Pilates Place.

Choreographer, contemporary dance teacher

Romana's Pilates Instructor

jose maria alves

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