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FORMATION PILATES cours collectif

Devenez un instructeur Pilates


Become a Pilates instructor

Training  inface-to-faceandon line

✔︎ 3 Seminars  learning
✔︎ 28h specific workshops
✔︎  20 private lessons
✔︎  Observations and practices
✔︎ Training videos available for review

●   Pilates Instructor Certificate at  the end of the training.

New Session in October 2022 

Declaration of activity registered under number 93131861313 from the prefect of the Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur region. 

📣Training next session in October 2022


1 and 2octobermat work basic 

5 and 6novemberintermediate mat work

2 and 3decemberadvanced mat work


Candidates wishing to become certified instructors of the Pilates method on the floor (MAT) will have to fulfill a few formalities before integrating their training: approximately20course hours and undergo an assessment in the form of a course and an interview.

For this the candidate will have to take a private lesson in order to assess his level.


  ● Seminars, workshops and anatomy:  Face-to-face or by video conference.

  ● 200 hours learning

  ● Observations and individual practice

  ● Specific workshops


  • training duration

  • Exams

  • Attendance


Cost of training: €3,000 including tax


 ✔︎ 3 seminar modules 42 hours

 - Module 1 / Basic level

-  Module 2 / Intermediate level

-  Module 3 / Advanced level

✔︎ 20 group lessons at the studio

✔︎ Workshopslearning specific 28h

✔︎ Personal or group practice 80h
✔︎ Observation and practices 30h

PilatesByDancers offers training based on the quality of the Romana's Pilates method coupled with a look and sensitivity drawn from experience as professional dancers who have practiced several dance techniques: Martha Graham, Merce Cunningham, Limon, release, dance theater , Feldenkrais, improvisation, contact dance, etc…


In my opinion, there are two points in common between dance and the Pilates method:

- the ability to use the imagination to project oneself into movement, and live the present moment in control AND feeling, 

- the resistance put during an action, which gives the quality of the fluidity of the rhythm and the dynamics of the movement.


✸ Person with a disability, please contact us to consider the feasibility and access times.


Former dancer of the Balé da cidade of Sao Paulo, Ballet Preljocaj, DV8 Physical Theatre, Grand Theater of Geneva, Stadt theater Hagen and Braunschweig.

Founder of the Cie Pos Data, the Pure Pilates center and The Pilates Place.

Choreographer, contemporary dance teacher

Romana's Pilates Instructor

Jose Maria Alves

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