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Become a Pilates instructor

  • 10 cours trio reformer, 10 cours Mat au studio et 10 cours privé avec José Maria Alves.

  • La participation aux 5 séminaires week-end  77 heures
    Basique / Intermédiaire / Avancé

  • 4 ateliers d’anatomie et pathologies avec un Kinésithérapeute 14h heures (dates à déterminé)

  • Observation  320 heures des cours au studio.

  • 20h de cours e-learning disponibles.

  • Pratique personnelle  et en groupe  230 heures au studio.

  • L’utilisation des outils du Centre de formation.

  • Certificat d'instructeur Pilates à l'issue de la formation.

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📣 Formation prochaine session en Mai  2024


11 et 12 mai  niveau basique 

7, 8 et 9 juin niveau intermédiaire

6 et 7 juillet niveau avancé

4 et 5 septembre spécifique

5 et 6 octobre Révision

📣Training next session in October 2022


1 and 2octobermat work basic 

15 and 16octoberbasic devices

5 and 6novemberintermediate mat work

2 and 3decemberadvanced mat work

7 and 8January2023 intermediate devices

4 and 5marchadvanced devices


Candidates wishing to become a certified instructor of the Pilates method must fulfill a few formalities before integrating their training, namely: approximately 60 hours of lessons, broken down into private lessons and floor lessons with a certified instructor, and submit to an assessment in the form of a lesson and an interview.

For this, the candidate will have to take a private lesson of 1 hour to assess his level.


Our program is based on the method of the Romana's Pilates - New York school, connected to a vision of physical, energetic and functional work of movement like that of professional dancers.


We insist on the quality of teaching and respect for the philosophy created by Mr. Joseph PILATES.

Our experience in the art of movement, the rigor of the physical and technical work specific to dance, associated with the Pilates method and collaborations with doctors and osteopaths, are the pillars of our work. We are constantly looking for meaning in reading and interpreting movement.


This training will provide support in healing the wounds of your future clients or more simply guarantee them good "physical health".

  • Anatomy seminars and workshops

  • 700 hours of learning

  • Comments

  • Specific workshops


  • training duration

  • Exams

  • Attendance


The training requires at least 8 months, but its duration will obviously depend on your availability to complete your learning hours.


The cost of the training: €6,700 including tax

"People with disabilities, contact us to consider the feasibility"


✸ Person with a disability, please contact us to consider the feasibility and access times.

josé maria alves pilates

Former dancer of the Balé da cidade of Sao Paulo, Ballet Preljocaj, DV8 Physical Theatre, Grand Theater of Geneva, Stadttheater Hagen and Braunschweig. Prize for the best dancer in Brazil 1991.

Founder of the Cie Pos Data, the Pure Pilates center and The Pilates Place.

Choreographer, contemporary dance teacher.

Instructor of the Romana's Pilates method.

Jose Maria Alves

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