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Welcome to The Place

Body art.
The experience, the sensitivity of a dancer from the Ballet Preljocaj at the service of teaching the Pilates method.

The Place, a place dedicated to an intelligent and inspiring teaching of the Pilates method.
A space created by professional dancers for whom teaching is an art, synonymous with feelings, sensuality and pleasure...
As the sessions progress, your body will be more toned, shapely, as if slender… and you will feel fulfilled!

We respect high quality teaching and we dedicate ourselves to the training and transmission of our experience and know-how.
Our desire is to create a "University The Pilates Place, Health and Sport"

(Workshop and physical practices, conference, round table, stress management, support and development unit)
dedicated to the method and therapy to help us better know our body, our only tool...

High level education
Soothing and luxurious environment
The best place to practice the Pilates method


Rent the Place

We host wellness-related events that can enrich our experience.

Workshops⎪Trainings ⎪ Formation ⎥conferences.

Prices :

30€ / hour,
100€ per half-day,
€150 per day, 
250€ the weekend

The best Place to be!!!


Our engagements


Provide you with intelligent working methods, by real qualified and certified professionals, regularly trained in new approaches to body and mind in motion. 


body & mind

Delivering you access to gentle and holistic therapies, to personal development for a global support of your being. 


Allow you to benefit from the experience and sensitivity of a former dancer from the Ballet Preljocaj, specializing in particular in the problems of the hips, knees and back.


Curiosity & openness

Allow you to discover - through The Place Events - a range of other methods, therapies, reflections and art of living in order to improve your daily quality of life and expand your spiritual horizon._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_



Finally, to welcome you in a human and benevolent environment in order to bring softness to the energy of your daily life! 

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